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Monday, August 29, 2011


This is the MAGLDR recovery version of Cyanogen 7 Gingerbread ROM with Go Ex launcher, 200dpi screen. The ROM is very fast and low battery consumption, but I'm so used to MIUI ROM now that I hate having to re-download everything after a ROM change.  Of course there are other backup/restore software, but it's just not as fast as the MIUI backup utility.  200dpi screen makes everything small, but you can fit more on the screen.  For people with bad eye sights maybe this is too small, but I have perfect eye sight so it's not a big deal. I'm not sure if it's 200dpi, but I remember reading the post saying that 200dpi would make the scrolling and other transition effects more smooth.  My verdict is that the ROM does respond very fast so I was pretty happy.  But I did experience occasional

Sunday, August 21, 2011


NDT is faster at uploading, but he only upload MIUI ROMs.  BOYPPC has multiple ROMs for you to choose and test.  BOYPPC's forum post is divided into the following

  1. Ginger 2.3.5 CM7_V42 (19.Aug) 
  2. Ginger 2.3.5 MIUI 1.8.12_V16 Multilang(17.Aug)
  3. HTC Desire HD V23 (17.Aug)
  4. HTC Sense 3.0_V5 (10.Aug)

Sunday, August 14, 2011


This will be my favorite custom ROM maker for the next little while.  I tried the v22.1 development ROM instead of the stable ROM since I like the new lock screen better.  To download the ROM, please go to the forum page on XDA: NDT MIUI Development ROM.

I backed up my data from another MIUI ROM and restored it on this NDT ROM, for the most part it was working fine, but all of a sudden I can't use the auto-rotation feature, my phone would keep on rebooting once I change the rotation of the screen.  I turned off auto-rotation, then everything was fine again.  I thought something was wrong with the build,

Friday, August 12, 2011

A little background story

It seemed a long time ago that I was still running WM 6.5 and android with dual boot on the HTC HD2.  At first I got a Sony Ericsson X10H, I couldn't stand how bad the software was.  Sure I loved the look of the Sony phone and the camera was really nice and the flash was bright, but I can't do anything else with the phone properly.  It didn't have hardware multi-touch capability either so it was really hard to navigate.  Now the X10H has a software mode for multi-touch so I guess it's not all bad now.  But I couldn't wait so long, I would go mad.  Didn't know what I was thinking when I got the X10H, just wanted

Monday, August 8, 2011

[23 Jun 2011][v4.1] HD2 NAND Toolkit - Toolkit for HD2 Users

This tool is very easy for newbies that want to flash different bootloader MAGLDR or cLK.  Both include ClockworkMod Recovery app to easily apply new ROMs.

You can wipe the phone (task 29), install