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Monday, August 29, 2011


This is the MAGLDR recovery version of Cyanogen 7 Gingerbread ROM with Go Ex launcher, 200dpi screen. The ROM is very fast and low battery consumption, but I'm so used to MIUI ROM now that I hate having to re-download everything after a ROM change.  Of course there are other backup/restore software, but it's just not as fast as the MIUI backup utility.  200dpi screen makes everything small, but you can fit more on the screen.  For people with bad eye sights maybe this is too small, but I have perfect eye sight so it's not a big deal. I'm not sure if it's 200dpi, but I remember reading the post saying that 200dpi would make the scrolling and other transition effects more smooth.  My verdict is that the ROM does respond very fast so I was pretty happy.  But I did experience occasional
automatic soft reboots.  I didn't download that many software, but I did try to download all the Go Ex launcher related software.  The problem started to get really bad when I installed Angry Birds, then the ROM would reboot every time I do a task, turned off the screen, then unlock the screen, I would see android reboot.  I re-imaged the phone using the same ROM so I can call people, the phone stopped rebooting, but there was nothing extra on the phone.  Although there are a lot of aspects that I love about this phone, but if I can't use it, what's the advantage of having a long lasting battery life?  The only thing that might have caused the phone reboot was that I updated CWM recovery version to 4.x instead of what BOYPPC had in the package.  In any rate, next!

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