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Sunday, August 21, 2011


NDT is faster at uploading, but he only upload MIUI ROMs.  BOYPPC has multiple ROMs for you to choose and test.  BOYPPC's forum post is divided into the following

  1. Ginger 2.3.5 CM7_V42 (19.Aug) 
  2. Ginger 2.3.5 MIUI 1.8.12_V16 Multilang(17.Aug)
  3. HTC Desire HD V23 (17.Aug)
  4. HTC Sense 3.0_V5 (10.Aug)
  5. HD2 Android Kitchen & Base rom (03.Aug)
  6. How to flash ROM
I tried the CM7 - Cyanogenmod.  I like how I can customize settings, but I can't stand the launcher.  If I put sense launcher, then I can't use the other launcher settings I want.  This one has the best battery life.
The MIUI ROM is nice, Chinese developed and translated into English.  I like how I can backup settings easily and transport it to the newer version of MIUI ROM which comes out every Friday.  I don't really like the iphone launcher tho.  I think it's really hard to re-arrange the apps, because I don't need to see all the apps that's available.  But this one does have more potential since the settings menu is different than the original Android and it's just easier to read.
HTC desire stock ROM is still too slow, I took it off right away.
HTC sense 3 has almost everything of a stock HTC ROM, but the graphic glitch is a problem.  It's like you can see the refresh rate very clearly.
I never tried the Android kitchen since I just don't have the time and patience to program.  Enthusiasts can certainly try.
BOYPPC includes cLK and CWM recovery setup with every ROM download to make things a bit easier so you don't have to guess what cache configuration is needed.  If you still have problem getting bootloader and CWM recovery onto your phone, then try the NAND toolkit described in my previous post.

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