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Friday, August 12, 2011

A little background story

It seemed a long time ago that I was still running WM 6.5 and android with dual boot on the HTC HD2.  At first I got a Sony Ericsson X10H, I couldn't stand how bad the software was.  Sure I loved the look of the Sony phone and the camera was really nice and the flash was bright, but I can't do anything else with the phone properly.  It didn't have hardware multi-touch capability either so it was really hard to navigate.  Now the X10H has a software mode for multi-touch so I guess it's not all bad now.  But I couldn't wait so long, I would go mad.  Didn't know what I was thinking when I got the X10H, just wanted
a phone bad I guess.  I also had the HTC maple when I signed up with Wind mobile.  I got that phone because of the look and the hard keyboard, but Windows Mobile just can't cut it.  It was so frustrating to get Chinese typing on the Maple.  X10H also has another problem with connection to Wind mobile's network.  Seems like the SIM card will reject the phone thinking it's not compatible.  Finally I did some research on the hardware that I want.  HD2 at the time had the biggest screen size of 4.3".  Although it still only had Windows Mobile 6.5, I saw that developers were able to crack the boot loader and have alternative ROMs that do more than the original ROM.  Eventually I can load Android from the SD card, and now I can load Android directly to the NAND and get rid of WM completely.  I still love my phone and will continue to reimage the phone with new ROMS.

Take a look at HD2's specs:

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