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Sunday, August 14, 2011


This will be my favorite custom ROM maker for the next little while.  I tried the v22.1 development ROM instead of the stable ROM since I like the new lock screen better.  To download the ROM, please go to the forum page on XDA: NDT MIUI Development ROM.

I backed up my data from another MIUI ROM and restored it on this NDT ROM, for the most part it was working fine, but all of a sudden I can't use the auto-rotation feature, my phone would keep on rebooting once I change the rotation of the screen.  I turned off auto-rotation, then everything was fine again.  I thought something was wrong with the build,
but I decided to re-image my phone using the same ROM.  I restored apps and app settings only and not phone settings, now it seems to be more stable and not rebooting.

As of today the new ROM version 23.1 is out, I will download it to try and write down any problems I see.

If you want to know how to change to different boot loaders before flashing this ROM, please read my previous post. HD2 NAND Toolkit


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