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Monday, September 26, 2011

[cLK] BOYPPC Gingerbread ROM CM7 LG theme V46 and V47

I tried the LG themed version of CM7 rom by BOYPPC.  The cLK version worked fine.  Battery life wasn't as good as I thought.  The first 2 days are okay, but then the battery would go out after 24 hours.  It's a bit longer than the MIUI ROMS, but still not as good as the older CM7 ROMS.  Tried downloading the V47 Sept 25 version today, but it's not booting up at all after 10 minutes, so I'm pretty sure it's defective.  Will go back to the NDT MIUI ROM.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

NDT MIUI ginger ROM DEV V27 Sept 11

I had to install the MAGLDR version first, then put om the cLK ppp tytung
update to get the ROM to boot in cLK bootloader.  I also tried the LG
keyboard with the ROM, but the phone will force close if I use the LG
keyboard with vibration while typing.  When I talk on the phone,
people would say

Sunday, September 11, 2011

New ROMs from BOYPPC-SHIFTPDA and NDT Sept 11 - MIUI Gingerbread

This time I tried BOYPPC's ROM first since I haven't tried his MIUI ROM for a while.  The V20 Multilang version boot up quit fast even on first boot, around 45 seconds only.  That's a plus for me right away.  I should mention I changed back to CLK boot loader since the BOYPPC's package had a CLK flasher for 150MB, but the ROM didn't


HD2 NDT MIUI GINGER DEVELOPMENT ROM V24.2 MAGLDR Sense3 Aug25.  This development ROM seems to be more stable.  I've restored all my apps and Angry Birds was playing just fine.  The phone didn't reboot when I was typing in landscape mode.  I used the sense clock widget instead