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Sunday, September 18, 2011

NDT MIUI ginger ROM DEV V27 Sept 11

I had to install the MAGLDR version first, then put om the cLK ppp tytung
update to get the ROM to boot in cLK bootloader.  I also tried the LG
keyboard with the ROM, but the phone will force close if I use the LG
keyboard with vibration while typing.  When I talk on the phone,
people would say
they can hear themselves.  If I use speaker phone,
the speach is not too clear, sounds like it's going on and off in a fast pace.  The win
mobile 7 theme is also not likable. Black words on dark background on
some of the menu just dont work.  Battery life was not bad, I can
actually get a full day normal use out of it, compared to only 10
hours with the ROMs before.  I'm going to change to Cyanogen mod ROM
again next.


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