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Sunday, September 11, 2011

New ROMs from BOYPPC-SHIFTPDA and NDT Sept 11 - MIUI Gingerbread

This time I tried BOYPPC's ROM first since I haven't tried his MIUI ROM for a while.  The V20 Multilang version boot up quit fast even on first boot, around 45 seconds only.  That's a plus for me right away.  I should mention I changed back to CLK boot loader since the BOYPPC's package had a CLK flasher for 150MB, but the ROM didn't
boot up.  So I went to the NDT's post and found there is a ZIP file for making his MAG ROM boot in CLK.  I tried the fix with BOYPPC's ROM, which boots up nicely.

Since I use MIUI ROM most of the time now, I wiped the phone immediately and then flashed NDT's Version 27.0 Multilang  developmental ROM.  The first boot took 2 minutes, the 2nd boot took one minute, but it was still slower than BOYPPC's ROM.  BOYPPC's ROM has the Blue Jeans theme and NDT has the WM7's dark theme.  I will have another update later on how I like the WM7's theme.

It took me the whole afternoon trying to download the ROMS and the patches/add-ons because both ROM loader uses "uploaded" and I could only download one thing per hour.  I guess I could restart my modem, but that was annoying too, so I just wrote other blogs and chatted on FB.

I tried to restore all my MIUI settings, but as I was in the network settings, my phone rebooted.  So now I'm re-flashing CLK bootloader to 450MB, clockwork mod recovery version then trying out NDT's ROM again.  Hopefully it won't reboot again.


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