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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

HD2 NDT MIUI ginger DEV ROM V30.1 saturated

The theme still stayed the same for this version of ROM.  But I wouldn't mind because it just looks so good. Power consumption seems to have stabilized.  The ROM was good for a week, then I went to Boston and the phone started to reboot by itself occasionally again.  Happened on both of the batteries.  The color saturation seems to give more of a yellow feeling to all the pictures.  See the full change
log here.   

Twitter force closes right away after starting the phone.  Facebook can't do update because the package wasn't signed, but this might be the problem from Facebook not packaging the files properly for use in the market.  At first my calendar wasn't syncing with google calendar, I had to take out google account from the phone then reload it.  Get other add-ons from the XDA forum post.


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