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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Oct 31 - Runnymede HD2 Sense 3.5 android 2.3.5 - Team Blue Droid

I wanted to try Sense ROMs again because I really like HTC's widgets.    Team Blue Droid's ROM is what I used.  I had cLK bootloader so I used the kernel provided in the post, but my 3G data wasn't working at all.  APN is definitely correct, but I just don't see the data transfer icon.  I tried formatting the NAND and SD card thinking it's because of some remnants.  I still don't see any improvements so I tried other Sense ROMS and still not getting 3G data connection.  Meanwhile WIFI works perfectly.  Found out it's the cLK version that doesn't work with 3G data, but if I use MAGLDR version then my 3G data works fine.  The Android Market

Monday, November 7, 2011




I've being trying the developemental MIUI ROMs from NDT for a while.  Since this time the stable version is newer than the develpemental version, I the stable version out.  I'm not sure if it's because I use the cLK bootloader version or not, the mobile internet was pretty un-stable.  I kept on seeing H turns into 3D and back to H constantly and also my signal bars change from 4 to 2 to none and back to 4.  I checked with Mobilicity and they have no problem.  The only online app that I really notice the network cut out is