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Monday, November 7, 2011


I've being trying the developemental MIUI ROMs from NDT for a while.  Since this time the stable version is newer than the develpemental version, I the stable version out.  I'm not sure if it's because I use the cLK bootloader version or not, the mobile internet was pretty un-stable.  I kept on seeing H turns into 3D and back to H constantly and also my signal bars change from 4 to 2 to none and back to 4.  I checked with Mobilicity and they have no problem.  The only online app that I really notice the network cut out is
Android Market.  If I check e-mails and view facebook, I actually don't see a message about connection cannot be established.  I never really liked the new version of Android market, it's slow when it first came out.

I got the idea to search for Sense 3 ROMs for HD2, I found out NDT also has another post about Sense 3 Roms.  I loaded this one instead, but it turns out that this Sense ROM can't get on Mobilicity's internet network at all even though all the settings are correct.  I tried another Sense ROM just to be sure, but it still won't work even I changed to different cLK kernels.  For a while I thought maybe it's the new Clock Work Recovery version 5 that I used, but even after changing to version 4, after doing task 29(erase everything), still no 3G internet connection.  I changed the bootloader to MAGLDR and reflashed the Sense ROM, 3G finally works.

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