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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Oct 31 - Runnymede HD2 Sense 3.5 android 2.3.5 - Team Blue Droid

I wanted to try Sense ROMs again because I really like HTC's widgets.    Team Blue Droid's ROM is what I used.  I had cLK bootloader so I used the kernel provided in the post, but my 3G data wasn't working at all.  APN is definitely correct, but I just don't see the data transfer icon.  I tried formatting the NAND and SD card thinking it's because of some remnants.  I still don't see any improvements so I tried other Sense ROMS and still not getting 3G data connection.  Meanwhile WIFI works perfectly.  Found out it's the cLK version that doesn't work with 3G data, but if I use MAGLDR version then my 3G data works fine.  The Android Market
doesn't work too well, maybe it's Mobilicity's connection, but it just seems unstable even if I have full 5 bars.  I had another market apk so I loaded that and it works fine, but Market seems to upgrade itself now, so if I need to download something I'll use the old Market interface.

The power button shows the advanced power menu if holding down the button for the while, but you can not use the same button to hang up calls which I find is more of an annoyance than having the reboot menu at my figure tips.  Therefore I used the fix provided to get my power button attached to ending calls.  If I really need to reboot, then I'll just pull the battery.   The camera seems to work okay, but the camcorder got stuck when I tried to record twice in a roll.  It was very laggy while recording as well.  RCMix3D Tweaks was pretty cool.  I have it set so the home screens are 3D when you tilt the screen.  The weather widget is by far my favorite widget in the world.  It was raining today and the wipers are just fun to watch indoors.

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